So I’ve been on certain meds for years now. All of a sudden my shrink takes me off. One of those meds is vyvance. I’ve been full detox symptoms for 3 days now. Worse feeling ever. What a joke. My legs hurt, I’m moody, sick to my stomach. How can a doctor just do this to someone? She claims Vyvance doesn’t have withdrawals. Bull crap. I’ve been on it for 3 years. I can’t even get out of bed my legs hurt so bad. She said I have to be off of it because it can hurt ur heart and I’m almost 40 now. What a crock of crap. Yes, I get it could hurt my heart, but give me a smaller dose and taper me down. This is such bull. Has anyone else ever had their shrink do this? Does this make sense at all? Makes me furious. I can’t hardly function. So upsetting. Anyways

Hope your day is beautiful. I’ll try to make mine better.

Take care,






Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween. Its my favorite time of year. I maybe a little twisted, but I get such joy out of scaring little kids. Lol

My 12 yr old made her own costume this year, she dressed up as a strawberry. My 7yr old dressed up as his favorite scary movie character, “pennywise” from the movie “It”. The older kids went to their own parties. I was sad not being able to dress the older kids up, I have so much fun doing it. Maybe next year. Lol

We did the traditional jack-o-lantern’s, decorated the front yard, not like I normally do:(. I usually have fog, caskets, dead bloody people, scary music, but, the husband never retrieved my yard of doom from storage this year so I had to go more of a rated ‘Pg’ version. Sadden me greatly. Lol. My youngest son is as demented as I am. Lol I added some pictures.

Anyways, I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween.

Make your day beautiful!!!



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What is Bipolar to me?

First off, bipolar isn’t contagious and its not just a moody person. Oh! And not all females have it. Yes, it is hereditary. It is also hard to diagnose. We are not freaks, or dangerous. We are basically all feelings and emotions.

Now what is bipolar to me? Its a strength and a weakness. Its the good and bad of all my moods. It’s the reason Im a thrill seeker and also the reason I cant get out of bed. My thoughts race, Sometimes I’m lost in my own head and other times I’m thinking at the top of my game. Bipolar was once a curse to me. Now bipolar is my life. I try to embrace it as well as I can. My mania gets me in trouble. But I love feeling manic. The happy manic. I’m also extremely manic depressive, which ends up sucking for the whole house. I’ll spend a week or 2 in hiding.
So, when I feel normal I embrace it. I love the arts, and creativity. Gifts from my bipolar. I’m an unorganized rollar coaster ride. My life has ups and downs like normal people, mine just come out stronger and last longer. So what is bipolar to me? Its my life and I learned to embrace it and enjoy as much of it as I can. Bipolar does not defy me, I am not a disease, I am a person with a unique brain that sometimes has a mind of its own. Has it knocked me down? Yes, but I always get back up. Im a fighter, thats who I am. I will not let it break me.

Have a beautiful day.